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Praia da Graciosa - Graciosa

39° 3' 9'' N, -27° 58' 8'' W

The Port of Praia da Graciosa (PPRG) is located on the east coast of Terceira Island (), protected by a breakwater about 450 feet long Built in a framed area between the bay and the beach islet that lies in front. Its construction was started in 1980.

The approach to Port of Praia da Graciosa is simple. The probe reduced anchorage is good, located behind the pier, between this and the islet beach, with a depth of 10 to 20 meters.

  • Port Conditions

    - Distance from the center of the village Beach: 300 m

    - Distance to the town of Santa Cruz: 6 km

    - Distance from airport: 8 km

  • Ship Services

    - ISPS Code 24h. Contact: Jose Athayde - Mobile (00351) 91 8822862

    - Pilotage is compulsory (ch. 16)

    - Berth (see chart)

    - Tugs (when ordered at the Port of Praia da Vitória)

    - Collection of solid waste

    - Supply of fresh water, with output of 10 tons / hour

  • General Services

    - Immigration Police (SEF - Foreigners and Borders)

    - Public telephones (center)

    - Public Bathrooms

    - Restaurants (center)

    - Parking

    - Parking area for buses